Monday, August 15, 2005


Worst to First

Tony Graffanino said all the right things when he left Kansas City a few weeks ago, but he must have been pinching himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. The Royals, the worst team in baseball, traded him to the defending World Series champion Red Sox.

Since arriving in Beantown, Graffanino has been a vital cog in the infield as the Bosox have built up a 4.5-game lead over the Yanks. Meanwhile, back in KC, his former mates have lost 15 in a row and now lag the Chisox by 36.5 games.

My work-related stint of four months in Kansas City was over last Friday, so I boarded a plane and followed Graffanino to New England. I just added a photo page for the Kansas Cosmosphere and a couple final images to the Western Missouri page, so I'm going to declare my summer 2005 photo album to be complete. Here's a dragonfly that I got with the G6 at the Lakeside Nature Center in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. It would have been easier to get this shot and a few others I didn't even try if I'd had my DSLR and 300mm f4 lens. Oh well, this one turned out OK.


You also may notice that the Blog Archives now includes entries from 1998-2000. I have been adding baseball-related items that I posted on my web site back then, which was called at the time. I don't know if the word "blog" had been invented yet, but I basically did a monthly baseball blog for two years.


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