Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am not worthy

When it comes to legendary military units, the 101st Airborne Division is right up there. The defense of Bastogne may be the most famous, but there are plenty of other stories about the division since its founding in 1942.

A few months ago I was contacted for permission to use one of my photos in "The History of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)" being produced by the 101st Airborne Division Association. Yesterday I received the 30-page color glossy booklet in the mail. Here's my photo that is reproduced on page 15.

Cobra Gunship

I was too young for the Vietnam-era draft and too much of a coward to join up on my own. The photo was taken from the safety of the spectator area at the 2003 TICO Warbirds Air Show in Florida. The "I am not worthy" feeling comes over me as I look through the rest of the booklet. There are accounts of incredible bravery, and most of the rest of the photos were taken during the unit's deployments.

I'm not sure what the association's plans are for distributing the booklet, but it's an interesting read.


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