Friday, July 08, 2005


The most exotic wildlife I saw in Colorado over the long Fourth of July weekend was a bunny at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, but everywhere I went there were lots and lots of wildflowers. The Canon G6 was put to the test shooting the blooms, and I also tried it on a fireworks display one night. See previous blog entries for the butterflies and fireworks I posted over the weekend.

Because I'm away from my RAW converters and Photoshop for another few weeks, I shot mostly JPG files. One problem with this is I wasn't willing to use automatic white balance for shooting fireworks, so I puzzled for a while what setting to use. I eventually settled on the flash setting. (That's the flash white balance setting; the flash itself was turned off.) In retrospect, I wonder if I should have just selected daylight. With RAW I wouldn't have to make that decision until later. Anyway, shooting fireworks was good practice for another attempt next month.

Besides the bunny, I saw this vegetation at Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR

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