Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mo Birds

I did a quick trip to see the snow geese at Squaw Creek NWR in northwest Missouri Monday and Tuesday. The official guesstimated eagle number for Monday was 61, which seems high to me, but there were multiple viewing opportunities. The official snow goose number was 110,000, which is as good a guess as any. Click on images for larger versions.

Photos from this trip were included in the Autumn 2008 gallery.

Lots o' snow geese

Eagle on muskrat hut

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  1. Tom, the pics look great as always. Hope you are having some fun traveling around the west. My wife looking at your pictures and is itching for another cross country trip. With gas at $1.30 in Independence, MO, seems like this summer is the time to do it. Any international voyages planned in the 2009 campaign?

    Hope you are well,

    Dan Frye


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