Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Missouri Eagles

The calendar said it was time to head down to Squaw Creek NWR in northwest Missouri to see eagles and geese. This year the geese decided to take off at the end of November, but the eagles were still there, perhaps about 50 of them scattered around. I will have to get out my bird ID books as I go through the photos to see what kind of hawks I saw, but these two (of course) are bald eagles. Click on the images for larger versions.

Update: I posted three images of hawks and hunted through my Sibley book to try to identify them. Even though they weren't taken at the same time, I believe two of them are rough-legged hawks. The third appears to be a broad-winged hawk, dark morph, which Sibley says is an uncommon coloring limited to the western portion of the species' range. In fact the western portion of the range includes northwest Missouri, so I think that's what it it. Click here to see the hawks.

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