Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Black Hills

It's (almost) spring, and time for another trailcam check. I only had two cameras deployed due to a lock snafu with the third. The old Bushnell didn't deliver anything of note, but the newer Reconyx had some good nighttime shots of elk, a decent looking buck deer, and a couple of coyotes chasing through the snow. Strangely enough, there were absolutely no images from February, but some of the better nighttime elk and the coyotes were snapped during an early March snowstorm.

But what I'm showing here is (what I believe is) a yearling Bighorn that I snapped in Custer State Park while driving to the camera site in Wind Cave National Park. Click here for a slide show of the eight images.

Despite some frustration with another lock that I had to break, eventually, all three cameras including the Moultrie are now deployed a few hundred feet from each other in the national park.

Bighorn Yearling