Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Short Manifesto

Never in history have we had so much data and so little knowledge. There is no contemplation any more, just an endless stream of 15-second clips followed by hot-take discussion panels. No one thinks for themselves any more. Why try when we each have an electronic device that will give us whatever information we seek to confirm our biases? Mixed in with some funny videos. What a system.

Freedom is fading as the extreme left tries to steer us into conformist socialism and the extreme right tries to keep us on the path of crony capitalism and scientific ignorance. No matter which group prevails, individualism dies and groupthink thrives. The two-party system in the United States is an anti-competitive duopoly perpetuated by the two groups in power. There is no Constitutional basis for it, but if any other voices try to be heard they are disparaged as lunatics. Free-enterprise capitalism, individual responsibility and the scientific method are quaint notions of the past.

This isn't a Libertarian call to action because I know my voice doesn't carry. But if there is a mechanism embedded in the Universe that will judge human society of the early 21st century, I expect it will be judged harshly. Both left and right are so wantonly stupid, so intentionally blind, so easily manipulated. It's deplorable.