Monday, July 19, 2021

Bluebird hoax

Thirty-four days ago, I drilled out the hole of my bluebird box to accomodate the slightly larger size of mountain bluebirds. In the days since, I saw a bluebird pair going about their business around the box. Yesterday I saw three fledgling bluebirds within a few feet of the nest box, poking around the rocks and grass for insects. The timeline seemed tight but possible. A successful nestbox installation, yes?

Today I opened the box, intending to clean it for perhaps another brood yet this year. There was absolutely nothing inside, not a single blade of grass or pine needle. No nest, so where did the fledglings come from? They must have come from a box across the road, maybe 100 yards away. Why the parents hung around this box but didn't actually use it, I don't know. I do provide water, so maybe that's enough to attract them for day trips.

Wherever they are from, here they are.

Mountain Bluebird fledglings

Mountain Bluebird with a grasshopper

Mountain Bluebird fledgling

Mountain Bluebird fledgling

Mountain Bluebird adult male coming to empty nest box

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