Sunday, March 06, 2022

Florida 2006

In April 2006, I hit both coasts of Florida to take in some exceptional birding sites, Honeymoon Island on the Gulf and St. Augustine Alligator Farm on the Atlantic. Honeymoon Island has the greatest concentration of osprey I've ever seen, and the alligator farm hosts hundreds of nesting birds, which are protected from predators like racoons by the dozens of gators swimming around below the trees.

I was looking at those images today for some reason and thought the color and contrast looked a bit off, so I reprocessed them. I believe with 16 additional years of experience and the evolution of Photoshop, I improved most of the 40 images. Just for good measure, I added four more. Click here for a writeup on this trip. This is the image that got me started, followed by a couple of the new ones. Click on any image to see the whole show. Now I'm looking at my images from the same sites in 2007, and that might be my next project.

Egrets.  Click here if the image is not visible.
Maybe I can eat his head

Wood stork.  Click here if the image is not visible.
Wood stork

Egret.  Click here if the image is not visible.
Snowy egret

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