Sunday, April 10, 2022

It's Rough

Sometimes I can hear the squawk of sandhill cranes from my back yard. Today, armed with location information, we drove a short distance to the northwest. We didn't find any cranes, but we did find a rough-legged hawk using the high utility poles along the road as observation points. Sometimes hawks are hard to identify, but from under-wing patches I saw in some of the images, the ID is fairly certain. Nothing else in the Sibley book matches it, and this is within their winter range. Gray, washed out sky, oh well.

I also included trailcam images of local moose from January-March in this gallery. As usual, the Primos gave images ranging from underexposed to severely overexposed, but I managed to process four. The Reconyx gave me some better exposures, as it should since it cost six times as much.

(Because Blogger and GoDaddy aren't playing nice, these are uploaded images, not an inline images with links to my site. Click here to see the images on my site.)


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