Thursday, May 14, 2020

Get some sun

To paraphrase Dean Wormer from Animal House, “Fat, drunk and Vitamin D-deficient is no way to get through the pandemic, son.” There's nothing definitive yet, but it appears the best protection from the virus may be to improve your eating habits, refrain from drinking yourself into a stupor, and go for a walk in the spring sunshine. In particular, sunshine on the skin helps develop Vitamin D, which seems to be beneficial in fighting off the virus. Yes, healthy people with no known health problems have gotten and died from the disease, but there is no argument that by far those most susceptible are sedentary people with pre-existing health problems, people more likely to be sitting inside on their ass, even if that is not their choice.

Studies show that there has been no significant difference in progress of the disease between European countries that had no lockdown (Sweden) versus those that had police-enforced house arrest (Hungary). Somewhere, an authoritarian is, they're not weeping, they are suppressing this information. "Experts have expressed concern that Sweden's refusal to implement a lockdown will lead to increased deaths," according to a German news site. "Expert" opinions that so far are not backed up by the evidence. "We who are adults need to be exactly that: adults. Not spread panic or rumors," Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said early on in the pandemic.

It is sad that the old and frail are dying in disproportionate numbers, but having everyone else hiding inside their houses does not help them. Nursing homes will not be allowing visitors anytime soon whether there is a general lockdown order or not. Be prudent and practice social distancing, but stop hiding. Get some sun.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Today, ducks

The waterfowl near a local pond will be thoroughly documented in this year of the pandemic. Earlier this week it was geese, and today it is ducks. I saw a couple of mini-dramas playing out as a pair with six ducklings chased off an intruding drake, and 2 or 3 stray ducklings seemed lost. It is not a large pond, so I expect if the parents are trying to find them, they will. If not, nature can be cruel no matter how cute you are.

An interloper is detected by the female.

The interloper gets the upper hand temporarily.

The drake drives off the intruder.

This little one and a couple of others seemed to be having difficulty finding their parents. They were driven off when they came across the pair with six ducklings.

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Most Years At This Time...

Events have conspired to keep me from traveling to my usual haunts, so I've been taking my Canon M100 with 70-200 lens on my local bike rides hoping to get the baby geese when they appeared. Today they did.

Couple days later with 100-400 lens.

Last May in Custer State Park and environs was more interesting but you take what you can get. Click on the image for a slide show.

Baby bison