Monday, November 27, 2023

This site software sucks

To say that I'm fed up with this blogging site Blogger/Blogspot is an understatement. I want to include images from my server at GoDaddy, but much of the time the attempted inline images show up as broken. This started happening a few years ago and so far I've just tolerated it and put a disclaimer at the top of the page. Google, the owner of Blogger, apparently wants me to upload my images to their server. For me, that adds another step and makes maintenance more complicated. So I've been investigating blog alternatives.

One of the options on GoDaddy is Wordpress, which apparently is a popular program. It was rather easy to import the Blogger XML backup file into Wordpress, but I found it extremely difficult to customize the pages to look the way I wanted them to. I thought, "If only Wordpress used the PHP/SQL command syntax that I used to construct my web site...." Hmmm.

So I decided to port my blog posts from the past 20+ years into my GoDaddy SQL database and write PHP pages to access them. Trouble is, I've discovered no easy way to import the Blogger XML file. So I'm doing a lot of cut-and-paste.

I will leave my text-only rants (such as this one) on this Blogger site, but anything that uses images from my web site will eventually be a PHP page hosted on my web site. This is still a work in process, but click here to see what I've got so far.

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