Monday, May 08, 2006

Dwarf Returns

ABC is providing ample evidence this week of why the so-called "major" TV networks are no longer worthy of notice. Tonight there is a special featuring David Blaine holding his breath for nine minutes. (For some reason this will take two hours of TV time.) Tomorrow there's a button-pushing, panic-inducing movie about the bird flu. (Another wasted two hours.) Neither is on my reminder list.

The only network shows I watch these days are NFL Football and Lost. The former is out of season, and after last week's episode I'm starting to wonder why I bother with the latter, which also happens to be on ABC. "Hey I've got an idea, let's drop the ponderous pace for a few seconds and gratuitiously shock everyone by shooting a couple of the gals."

The eighth and final Red Dwarf series on DVD has finally arrived on these shores, seven years after it was produced for the BBC. After watching it, I thought the story lines were pretty good (what could be better than a T-Rex stomping around inside a spaceship?) but the writing of the individual scenes didn't always rise to a high level. I agree with criticisms I've read that the final series was not as good previous years, but any Red Dwarf is far more interesting than watching David Blaine hold his breath.

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